New work: High Tide

I try to express the fragility of the landscape. A unity with ourselves.
As part of the landscape. We are the landscape. I want to give it something human, something tangible, something enlightening, something that calls for tenderness, for affection, for touch and for cherishing. Feelings that I also experience in the silence of the landscape. In the daily noise and fast-paced economy, I sometimes lose it, and can pick it up again through this work.

I translate what I see and experience and try to do so as purely as possible. That is my duty to extract the highest possible value from it and to transform it into form, into glass. It develops with time and will therefore always change. Sometimes I come very close, that is very special, it opens your heart and you are touched. And sometimes it is a way to it.

Thes new works Appear on my website at the first of september. 
invitations for exhebitions and artfairs are very welcome.